Wearable Planter, bring nature with you!

May 20, 2016 | written by:

When you love something you would want to take it always with you: on foot, by bicycle, by metro, by tram, in short more or less everywhere. Colleen Jordan, American designer who feeds an unconditional love for the environment and a deep respect for the plants, must have reflected on this and she has found an original solution to not leave at home her green friends.

The young artist, moved by the conviction that the world would be a happier place if all the people who love nature were willing to carry a small plant always with them, has designed Wearable Planter, a collection of jar-shaped jewelry and accessories containing inside them small plants to grow. With a simple cotton rope you can wear around your neck your plant as a pendant, or you can use it as a magnet, pin, ring or even as a planter for your bike to make greener your green means of transport.


The wearable jars, digitally created with modeling software and manufactured with the new technique of 3D printing that allows to give shape to very complex figures with a low environmental impact, have a simple and geometric design, are made of nylon fiber and bioplastic (derived from the corn plant), are hand painted with beautiful acrylic colors and coated with a UV-resistant waterproof membrane. The flowers inside? They are chosen by the wearer according to the tastes and different combinations to add a touch of color to city life. The purchase is simple: you just go to the website, choose the desired template and wait for the courier knocks at the door!

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