When a coffee cup becomes a tree

Feb 27, 2016 | written by:

If you walk around the main streets of U.S., you will see an infinite number of men, women and children who are reaching their work or going to school, holding a coffee disposable cup. A very common habit that infects tourists too. But walking through the same streets, you see those same cups filling public baskets to the rim, so that many fall down on the ground. They are so many that someone has even counted them, arriving at the modest sum of more than 146 billion coffee cups discarded annually.

A figure that made think Alex Henige a seemingly extravagant, "and if each waste was a plant?". Alex is the CEO of Reduce Reuse Grow, which really made true the idea of ​​turning those single cups in plants. Their new cups are biodegradable and various seeds have been incorporated inside of the walls so that, after use, the container once planted, will be able to grow in new trees. According to the project, the cups should be brought together through a special collection, and then be transferred to the wooded areas. The group also calculated that every cup could be able to remove a tonne of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year.

And if some of them escaped to the collection? Don’t panic, being completely biodegradable, they would have no negative effect on the environment. The biodegradation process would begin after 180 days, after which the same seeds embedded in the paper cup fibers will be as nutrient for other plants. Or trigger themselves a planting process and the birth of a new tree if there were ideal conditions. A process much faster compared to the 5 years minimum required for traditional coffee cups disposable so that biodegradation starts, but also a process to considerably reduce the environmental pollution caused by the abandonment of each type of waste.

Ah, the coffee cup disposable most eco-friendly ever created has already collected more than $ 11,000 on Kickstarter site. It is expected a stellar destiny!

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