When clothes are made with marble

Oct 28, 2015 | written by:

Alice Zantedeschi, an Italian former fashion student, creates very special products combining marble dustto organza, lycra or wool.

“I wanted to link my fashion project to my hometown - Verona – to find a new way to communicate this territory. After a qualitative analysis, I become aware that the most characterizing elements of the city were Romeo and Juliet, the opera, wine and marble. Considering that marble is not so ‘immediate’ when you think about the city, I wanted to follow its path”.

Marble dust gives to fabrics dusty rose shades, because of its typicalcolor: all the clothes are naturally dyed, without the use of artificial products. Last year Alice was invited to Carrara Marble Weeks and Marmomacc because she was selected for a funding program startup of Confindustria Verona, where her project was chosen among other two hundreds.

Alice produced five prototypes, two winter coats and three raincoats. In order to make the marble a ‘wearable’ material, many tests were taken and the support of some specialized companies was needed as well.

The chemical process isn’t dangerous for health. In this way you can value a territory, making more pleasant clothing without mistreating the environment.

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