When plates are made of leaves

Jan 09, 2017 | written by:

Mother Nature's sources are inexhaustible, if you know how to use them in the best way. And the German company Leaf Republic knows it really well. It created 100% biodegradable dishes, made entirely with leaves. An innovative and successful idea, capable to meet the consumers’ demands becoming more aware in terms of sustainability.

Pedram Zolgadri and Carolin Fiechter’s will, the two founders, was to create dishes usable during picnics or outdoor gatherings, without being polluted for the environment. Thus, first in the living room of their house and then in the laboratory, with CAD program they created a biodegradable pot that could return to earth with the same ease as a leaf falling from a tree.

The leaves used in the process are harvest in India, where they are collected and sewn together as to create a carpet. Once in Germany they are pressed by compressing three layers: the leaves at the base, an intermediate layer composed of paper produced also with foliage, and finally a last layer, the upper one, made of leaves. The dishes and bowls made are resistant as the plastic ones, although the latter is not present as either glue, additives or colorants.

Decomposing in only 28 days, the leaf plate is ideal for traveling or stop eating in camping areas where dispose of waste in safety is not simple and, why not, in the refugee camps where resources are lacking. Finally, another unique feature of the leaf plate is the water resistance. Beautiful, biodegradable, water-proof: these are the characteristics of the future dishes.

If you want to support Leaf Republic, you can do it via the Kickstarter campaign.

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