When trafic light really become “green”

Apr 02, 2015 | written by:

“Green” and intelligent trafic lights tahnks to a new algorythm. This is the new proposal made by a group of researchers from the Boston MIT (Massachussetts Institute of technology) to make traffic more moving as well as sustainable. By combining data related to the vehicles emissions with those related to the traffic circulatioin, it could be possible to sensibly reduce levels of pollution and the greenhouse effect in our cities.

Part B – this is the name of the system described on the magazines Transportation Science and Transportation Research – is able to elaborate a great amount of data related traffic, including all the possible changes in drivers’ daily  behaviours. A system which could allow the development of efficient traffic plans.

The system has already been tested on a simulation of the traffic of Losanna  - 12.000 vehicles and 17 big crossroads – and the next test will be probably conducted on the traffic of Manhattan. Seen the possible uses of such a system, the same algorythm could be use to improve other aspects of the cities’ mobility, such as the locationing of bike or car rental services.

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