Which are the greenest nations of the Planet?

Oct 24, 2016 | written by:

Where are the forests? Which are the States with more trees? The answer to these questions comes directly from a list compiled by the World Bank, the main international organization for supporting development and poverty reduction.

The census of our green friends was certainly not a simple thing: the trees present in plots of at least 5 square meters were calculated. Data were collected excluding the agricultural lands and including, however, the trees also present in parks and gardens.

As regards Europe, Sweden and Finland are the greenest States, while the Island of Malta is one of the world's countries with fewer trees. Italy, however, is in the second half of the rankings: only 31% of the territory is covered by trees.

Here is the list of countries with the highest percentage of national surface area covered by trees: Suriname (95%), Micronesia (92%), Seychelles (88%), Samoa (88%), Bhutan (86%), Gabon (85 %), Solomon Islands (79%), Guyana (77%), Saint Lucia (77%), Finland (73%), Brunei (71%), Guinea Bissau (71%), Marshall Islands (70%), Sweden (69%), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (69%), Japan (69%), Democratic Republic of Congo (68%), Laos (68%) and Zambia (66%).

In contrast here is the list of countries with fewer trees: Faroe Islands (0%), Libya (0%), Mauritania (0%), Djibouti (0%), Iceland (0%), K-Kuwait (0%), Saudi Arabia (0%), Algeria (1%), Bahrain (1%), Niger (1%), Malta (1%), Yemen (1%), Jordan (1%), Comoros (1%) , Kazakhstan (1%), Lesotho (1%), Iraq (2%), Afghanistan (2%), Pakistan (2%) and Aruba (2%).

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