Which Kind of Tree Are You?

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The Celtic Calendar is split into thirteen lunar months, which are each linked to a tree considered sacred to the Druids. The Celtics used mostly oral communication, so there are hardly any ancient writings from them. However, encoded the symbols of the trees into a Shamanic alphabet, known as the Ogham.

Besides a tree, every Celtic month is also assigned to a Letter of the Alphabet, an Animal God and a Celtic God, all which are supposed to have significant meaning to your being.

The Druids maintained that that humans originally came from the trees and that each tree holds a specific magical eminence. This is why they not only assigned a tree to every month, but also to specific birthdates.

The following is a list of trees associated with dates of birth, according to Celtic astrology. Find yours:

December 24 to January 20

The Birch trees were the first type of trees to grow after the ice age and during the Spring, are one of the first trees to regrow leaves. Naturally, this makes the Birch a symbol of rebirth and purity. However, since they are always the first to sprout, this makes you strong, motivated and driven. Your resilience is what makes you a natural born leader. You have a soft side, but you always speak up for what you believe in. No one takes advantage of you. Birches possess many qualities that help them achieve success.


January 21 to February 17

Another great leader, your creativity and ability to express yourself is what sets you apart. Basically, you beat to your own drum. Your calm demeanor is a bit deceptive because inside, you are full of passion for individuality and social rights. According to the Celts, sometimes it is hard for people to see where you are coming from, but that does not stop you from being yourself and voicing your opinion.


February 18 to March 17

As an Ash, you are a free thinker and very inspired by nature. Art, literature and science are areas that you strive in with ease. You practically see the world in water color. You question everything but always keep an upbeat mood. You also treat everyone around you with dignity and respect. They are generous and loyal to their loved ones.


March 18 to April 14

Very self confident and extroverted, it is very easy for you to mingle with others. The Celts believed the Alders to be brave and always take action first before anyone else. they are very focused individuals and do not like wasting time. If you are an Alder, you like to see results, it is always the motivating factor. You also will not stand for shallow or superficial people.


April 15 to May 12

The Willow is the wise observer. You retain knowledge and are very intelligent. You are also known for your patience and your ability to listen to others. Willows are full of endless potential, but sometimes tend to hold themselves back in fear of being flamboyant or indulgent.

May 13 to June 9

With Hawthorns, “what you see is what you get” does not apply to their personality.You come off as reserved and ordinary, but if others get to know you, they will see that you have a lot of passion and creativity inside. Your natural curiosity is what makes you interested in a broad range of topics. You are also a great listener, so others tend to find comfort in releasing their burdens on to you.


June 10 to July 7

You have a protective personality. You believe in speaking up and fighting for those who don’t have their own voice. You have confidence in yourself and in the fact that everything in your life has a positive outcome. You thrive off of big groups of people and you are a big part of the community. You have natural strength and endurance, which others often admire. You crave structure and organization in your life at all times.


July 8 to August 4

You are confident, which makes you come off a bit arrogant at times. Truth is, you are very generous, kind, and affectionate towards people that take the time to know you. You often take positions of power and leadership, because you are well spoken and highly intelligent. Academics come easy to you, but so do social skills, which is why you are always succeeding. Be careful, since things seem to happen naturally and with ease for you, you could find yourself slipping into a lazy lifestyle. Try to find a medium!


August 5 to September 1

Just like the Holly, you also excel in Academics. This is because you truly have a knack for retaining knowledge. You like to be informed and often keep up with current news. You are very into details, and it shows in your work. People may think you are a know-it-all, but you are genuinely interested in facts and logic. You like rules, whether you are following them or making them.


September 2 to September 29

You always like to hear both sides of stories, and often this makes it difficult to make decisions, even the most trivial ones. You are empathetic with different sides. You enjoy the finer things, such as elegant food, wine and arts. You have an eye for design, and can see the beauty in anything. You are poised and have a classy attitude towards the way you interact with others.


September 30 to October 27

You are compassionate and loyal to others. You also have very sharp intellect and have a giving nature. No matter how difficult your life becomes, you always find time to comfort others. This is because you have spiritual attributes, which is what makes you see the good in situations. You are naturally soft spoken, but your intellect makes you surprisingly witty.


October 28 to November 25

You love gossip and will honestly do anything to get people to tell you a good story. Although sometimes you can use manipulation to get the details, your actions are harmless because you never spread what you hear. In fact, you are a very loyal secret keeper. You just love hearing the mystery or backgrounds behind the people in your life. Most of the time these attributes make good journalists, detectives or historians.


November 25 to December 23

You are a free-spirit and a natural thrill seeker. Although you have an extroverted personality, you tend to be misjudged and considered a bit of an outsider because you still tend to keep to yourself. You are actually a very philosophical individual, and you enjoy being in deep thought. It is hard for you to be alone because you enjoy the presence of others, but you are comfortable enough to spend time with yourself.


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