Who did it: the last campaign of WWF Italy between guerrilla and buzz marketing

Oct 06, 2014 | written by:


In a popular square in Milan it was found the body of a (fake) black rhino without its horn and with a white cloth on it. The animal looks to have suffered a brutal killing, you can tell from the blood spots. All around a tape to demarcate the area, WWF investigates to shed light on the crime. It’s the last campaign launched which aims to raise awareness about crimes against nature. A well- designed guerrilla marketing campaign works, but it can work better with social network support, so as to know a high level of diffusion.

Guerrilla marketing is also defined as a form of promotion unconventional achieved through the creative use of media and aggressive tools that leverage on the imaginary and the psychological mechanisms of end users.This is exactly what has been done and what has been achieved by this campaign. To raise awareness about the killing of these animals, to tell us that we are losing them forever, WWF has brought the problem in our streets, treating it in all its drama and its cruelty. Of course, this caught the attention of passers-by: curious, incredulous, astonished, but also terrified. Then have started the sharing: social, photos, video, web. It’s the second and no less important part of the strategy.

Indeed, everything was very well supported by the story told and curiosity piqued on social networks by the promoter of the event. The WWF, from his official Twitter account and Facebook, using expressions such as "we will light on it", "find out who it was," "heinous crime", has managed to attract the attention of the public, which has replied to this aggressive strategy of communication. How? It has activate a public debate about the issue. A successful strategy of buzz marketing, a fruitful word of mouth. A buzz marketing strategy consists in increasing quantitatively the number of conversations and the interest about a product or initiative, giving the people reasons to talk about it. And of this big problem it’s necessary that we speak.

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