Why Scientists Don't Want You to Rake Your Leaves

Nov 27, 2014 | written by:


We can’t get enough of how beautiful the changing leaves look in the fall, but we have to admit that raking leaves is not always the biggest joy. Well, we are here to tell you that scientists are encouraging all of us to leave those dead leaves on the ground. So now you can put away your rake for the fall season!

So why are scientists allowing us to be lazy? The National Wildlife Federation explained that the dead leaves on the ground allow critters such as salamanders, butterflies, chipmunks, box turtles, and others to take habitat. These critters use the dead leaves to lay their eggs or actually feed from the leaves themselves.

If you are not pleased with the idea of having the leaves strewn all over your lawn, we suggest taking piles and putting them on your flower or plant beds. Not only will you create a habitat for butterfly larvae, you will also create a food supply for birds and other animals. Additionally, leaves have been shown to improve soil. Everyone wins! 

For the rest of you, put the rake down. And if anyone asks, it is in the name of science.


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