Why Timberland chose Treedom to plant 30,000 trees

Dec 14, 2020 | written by:

We all know it: the jobs of the future are green.

And to fill these new roles, which are not yet clearly tied to any rigidly established university curricula, you need one thing more than any other: the desire to never stop learning.

This is the vision of Elisabetta Baronio, Timberland's Sustainability & Responsibility Manager, EMEA.

Even before graduating in philosophy with the top mark of 110 with honours, Elisabetta nurtured a passion for social responsibility, and she describes her path as follows:

 “A lot of field study, and a clear goal in mind: to reverse the trend.”

As if to say that, before being a career, sustainability is a state of mind.

Elisabetta, tell us about your role.

Let's say that I'm the catalyst for all of Timberland's social responsibility projects.

Our efforts focus on three main areas:

  • Better products.  With each new season, we want our products to have less impact on the environment.
  • Stronger communities.  A volunteer program of 40 hours per year for each employee.
  • A greener world for future generations. This is our most ambitious goal of all: to plant 50 million trees by 2025. And this is also where Treedom comes in.

Why did you choose to plant trees?

The tree in our logo speaks volumes: our link with nature is written in our DNA.

We're deeply convinced that planting trees is one of the tools at our disposal to combat the climate change that we're all experiencing.

From 2001 to 2019, we planted over 10.7 million trees worldwide, and last year we launched the Nature Needs Heroes campaign, which engages people and influencers to remind us all how important it is to conceive of this commitment as a collective effort.

nature needs heroesHow did the collaboration take place?

Together with Treedom, we've planted more than 30,000 trees in Ghana, and we've chosen to give them to our customers to look after.

They were given cards with a QR code to redeem their trees directly in the store for each purchase meeting a minimum amount.

The decision to give the gifts in person was not made casually, but is merely the first in a series of human connections that collaboration with Treedom can generate. The trees are gifts that endure and connect those who receive them with the families who take care of them, continually testifying to our environmental commitment over time.

We wanted the Timberland community to feel actively involved in this change, and today we hope the rest of the industry will start moving in this direction too.


Planting trees, and doing it the right way. 

The agroforestry systems method used in the Treedom projects offers very similar benefits to those of regenerative agriculture, one of the most powerful means of carbon sequestration available to us.

It's a type of crop management that absorbs carbon from the atmosphere and "fixes" it in the soil. This encourages the development of microorganisms and better water retention, and, in the long term, allows nature to regenerate, just like the trees in Treedom's agroforestry systems do.

Timberland is committed to using only 100% natural raw materials from regenerative agriculture by 2030 – because the right methods exist; they lie within our grasp. And Treedom gives everyone the opportunity to play their part.

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