Wild Thing Cabin

Sep 09, 2015 | written by:

In Latvia, in the middle of the Pirtsupite Valley, a Wild Thing Cabin was built to contemplate the natural beauty around it. It is a sort of contemplative space - we can call it an observatory - made with recycled materials.

The cabin, parked 4.5 meters off the ground, has been realized using old railway sleepers and the shingles are recycled rubber railway buffers. To minimize the environmental impact all the elements have been prefabricated off-site and then moved into the valley for the final assembly.



The walls and the roof of the Wild Thing Cabin can be opened so it can also be a platform to observe, sitting comfortably on the benches, the natural surroundings. Twelve students from the Technical University International Summer School of Riga, an annual hands-on course in urbanism, architecture and design, achieved it.

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