Wineleather, the first leather made from wine

May 17, 2017 | written by:

Would you ever imagine wearing wine? Or to sit on a couch made of wine? Probably the answer is no, but you absolutely have to change your mind. It’s called Wineleather and it is the first 100% vegetable leather made from wine and made in Italy. Conceived and patented by Vegea srl ​​- a company born in January 2016 in Milan - and its founder, Gianpiero Tessitore, this new vegetable material is produced through an innovative production process that transforms fibers and vegetable oils present in the grape marc into an ecological material with the same mechanical, aesthetic and sensory characteristics of a normal leather.

What are the differences with the traditional ones? The vegetable product uses zero water (and zero oil) to produce up to 240 liters needed per square meter of animal skin; it doesn’t have any impact on ecosystems, there is no suffering for animals and there are no tannery waste that uses heavy acids and heavy metals responsible for soil and water pollution. In addition, the tanning of classic skins has significant damage to the health of tanners. Wineleather distinguishes itself from vegan and pleather leather because they are synthetic and polluting chemicals elements are used for the production. The result is a very high quality leather with low production costs and easy to work.

The raw material – grape marc - does not lack, especially in Italy, the largest wine producer, with 18% of world production, and also abounds in quality. In the world every year, 26 billion liters of wine are produced. From this production process, almost 7 million tons of grapes can be produced to be transformed into raw material with high added value. According to figures, three billion square feet of vegetable leather in Wineleather could be produced in one year, an area equivalent to about 400,000 football pitches.

Meanwhile, the first acknowledgment has already come. Wineleather has been awarded with the Global Change Award, which is the honor that the fashion colossal H&M gives every year to five innovative and revolutionary businesses with a strong industrial potential in the field of fashion.

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