Wolves Need You to Join Their Pack

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It’s that time of the year, the time that we show the public there is more to wolves than mystery and mythical superstitions.
Numerous wolf conservation foundations are celebrating the annual National Wolf Awareness Week, which goes from Oct. 12 to Oct. 18.


Part of the reason why wolves are cast into the shadows and seen as mysterious is because of their natural fearfulness for people. This can make it a bit of a challenge for caretakers of these wolves that are on the brink of extinction.


Currently, there are approximately 400 Mexican gray wolves and 300 red wolves remaining in the world, the majority living in captivity within the network of facilities participating in the Species Survival Plan. The Mexican gray wolves were actually basically extinct until countless efforts helped restore this specific specie. The Wolf Conservation Center of New York is currently home to 20 of these Mexican and red wolves!


Organizations like the WCC that are participating in the Species Survival Plan (SSP), are responsible for providing these wolves with housing and care, while documenting the progress or recommendations for release of wolves that are ready for the wild.


But how do they take care of these animals that fear them and are hardly seen, even in their conservation? According to the WCC it has been challenging, but in honor of Wolf Awareness Week, they announced on Oct. 13 their webcam setup in the home of the wolves.


The wolves’ cautiousness against humans is what will help them survive once they are released. This way, the staff can observe their patterns and progress with limited contact.


Not only will it be easier to give these wolves a better life, but it will allow the public to have an insight as well. There is nothing like bringing awareness by helping others understand the “behind the scenes.”


You can watch the live stream here.


They are also encouraging a movement labeled #bewolfaware where you can collaborate with others over social media to cast a light on these deserving animals. You can also follow their Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube pages for updates.


The Milwaukee County Zoo, a highly ranked zoo in the U.S., has dedicated Oct. 18 to wolves, featuring activities for visitors of all ages. They will have demonstrations on feeding different types of wolves, observing their behavior, creating wolf-inspired crafts, and even howling contests!


Over a dozen states have officially declared the third week of October Wolf Awareness Week, in hopes that this will help the nation learn more about wolves and restore and protect their population. Because after all, wolves are an essential part of our ecosystem. We need them to stay here for the long run.


For more information you can log onto the Defenders of Wildlife website. You can find specific information, facts, and events that are happening this week in honor of wolves everywhere.


Make sure to share important information online with friends and family with the tag #bewolfaware to bring awareness on your social media accounts. Let’s protect these animals, let’s join their wolf pack.




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