Youth4EJ, the platform to be ambassadors of environment health

Apr 20, 2017 | written by:

New and with a clear head: stimulate young people to critically analyze events that had – or continue to have – harmful consequences for the environment. And here we go with Youth4EJ (where E and J are for 'Environmental Justice'), an online observatory created in collaboration with Oikos Italy and included in the Sustainability Awareness Mobilization Environment (S.A.M.E.) WORLD, an educational project sponsored by 13 European NGOs (including Oikos) and funded by the European Union in order to encourage active citizenship practice by students and teachers about the issues of climate change and environmental justice, using educational methodologies and innovative approaches, technological and experiential.

How does it work? All young people under 29 years who have attended, witnessed or are aware of situations such as pollution, soil contamination, destruction of ecosystems or dangerous areas for health, they can tell, after a short training, on Youth4EJ’s platform becoming spokesperson and ambassador of the right to environment and community’s health. The initiative also includes the organization of meetings in the high schools and out of school to raise awareness on the issue among youngest people.

Many people have already reported on the platform cases scattered all over: from Shell interests in the Vallo di Diano to the pollution of groundwater in Ragusa. But also the consequences of fishing with dynamite in the Myeik Archipelago, Myanmar; the color drains in the Jian River in Luoyang, China; the destruction of Toolangi forest in Australia. Thus the observatory will also provide a valuable support not only to raise awareness and spread little-known cases of pollution, but also to find out about how serious the problem is and present in every part of the world.

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