Earth Day 2023 - Adopt one of our trees for free!

Apr 21, 2023 | written by:

This year's Earth Day has the theme "Invest In Our Planet" and places more emphasis than ever on the actions each of us can take to make things better. For us at Treedom, Earth Day has always been a time to invite people to take small actions that could have a big impact. We started in 2019 by producing and promoting a video to tell people about the importance of trees to the future of the planet and pledging to plant one for every 1,000 views of that video. In just a few days we surpassed 10 million views and planted over 10,000 new trees, which we gave away to anyone who wanted to cherish one! So we have repeated that campaign over the years, always achieving extraordinary success. 

Last year we decided to celebrate not only Earth Day, but to dedicate the days between Earth Day (April 22) and World Environment Day (June 5) to a campaign to emphasize the value of the commitment our community puts into the environment. 

This year we want to continue on the example of past years and take the opportunity of Earth Day to launch a campaign that will last more than a single day and can continue at least until World Environment Day. To do so, we really want to recover some of the trees that, in last years' campaigns, were not assigned to anyone. Yes, because not all the trees that we made available for free have found caretakers yet.

So, we said to ourselves, why not look for new caretakers for those trees. It would have been a shame to leave them abandoned, with no one to follow the story of the project they are helping to create. If you are reading these words, perhaps you can be that person.

How to do it? It's super simple :
. click on this link:  
. click on redeem your tree
. the tree will be assigned to your Treedom profile and you will immediately be able to see all the content that has been chronicled so far on the pages of the tree you have just adopted

In case you're wondering: yes it's completely free! What we're asking is for you to help us spread the word about this initiative!
You can share this same link on an IG story or any social profile, inviting your friends to redeem ... and share!

Help us find new caretakers for trees that otherwise would have none! 
It's a small gesture, which can help spread environmental awareness.

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