5 ideas to engage your employees

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One of the challenges that all companies have in common, whatever their sector or size, concerns people. How do you attract talent to new positions, and how do you convince someone who’s already there to stay? 

Employee engagement: what is it, and why is it important?

Employee engagement is a fundamental concept in human resources that describes the level of enthusiasm and dedication a worker feels towards their role in the company. Employee engagement is a difficult recipe to achieve, requiring ingredients such as personal development, shared goals and a sense of belonging. 

But if done properly, it brings surprising and lasting results, such as:

  • helping to create a stronger corporate culture;
  • reducing staff turnover;
  • increasing productivity; 
  • improving working relationships with customers; 
  • increasing the company’s profits.


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5 steps to improve Employee Engagement

  1. Make sure your employees know and share company values.
    “I’m happy to know that our action contributes to…”: make sure your employees know how to complete this sentence.

  2. Celebrate people
    Birthdays, births and weddings are occasions that can also be celebrated at work: this helps your employees get to know each other better and makes them feel part of a community that cares about them.

    Toyota did this by giving employees a tree to celebrate their birthday.

  3. Celebrate a job well done
    One of the first things to understand about employee recognition is that its effectiveness is rooted in one of the most fundamental theories of behavioural psychology: behaviour that is rewarded will be repeated.

  4. Celebrate results
    People want their work and efforts to be recognised.
    An effective way to do this is by creating specific moments to internally announce the results achieved: a monthly update meeting with all employees, an internal newsletter, or a message in the group chat.

  5. Encourage training
    Ask your employees what tools they feel they need. Training will make people more motivated and simultaneously more competent.


(a training session in the treedom plenary hall)

Treedom can help you put each of these points into practice to create a project tailored to your goals.

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