Treedom Explained - Part 2: Inside the Nursery

Jan 26, 2022 | written by:

The nursery is the heart of every project. The place where each tree’s story begins. Today, we'll take a look at what goes on there.

We plant trees in 17 countries around the world. Each country has its own individual characteristics and culture. However, there are certain touchstones that are almost always the same. They’re laid out in the Treedom Standard, a reference framework for all the projects we’ve set up over the years. The common denominator is the nursery – the central location for any project.

What happens in the nursery? Well, that’s best left to an expert to explain. Our Forestry Manager Tommaso Tusa will take you on a journey into the heart of what we do. Enjoy!

A place with a heart

So let’s recap: the nursery is much more than just the place where seedlings grow before being transferred elsewhere. It is a place made by people, for people. It is the central meeting point for the project, full of life and energy. Or as Tommaso puts it: “The nursery has a heart.”

It is divided into several areas. The seeds are planted in one place, where the seedlings grow from the soil after being well cared for. As soon as they’re strong enough, they’re taken to another spot to acclimatise. Now more than ever, optimal conditions are the key to success. After all, every tree should survive these crucial first few weeks.

Some trees then go through the grafting process – an important technique that ensures the tree will bear fruit (faster). We’ll explain exactly how grafting works next time in Treedom Explained.

The start of a journey

Eventually, in some cases it’s also here at the nursery that the seedlings are distributed to the small-scale owners involved in the project. Sometimes transportation to the project site is required. In any case, this allows a personal connection to be forged between the participant and the project manager. A long-term relationship is important. After all, it’s only now that the real work begins – hopefully to continue for many years – whereby the tree will become a productive part of an agroforestry system.

Every single tree goes through precisely this journey at Treedom, from seed to full-grown plant in the field. And it all begins... just like that: in the nursery.

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