The Horoscope of Trees

Jan 28, 2023 | written by:

The banana is the tree of Scorpios? Coffee trees for Aries? At first, zodiac signs and trees might not appear to have much in common. But sometimes it's the most unusual and unexpected of connections that sparks inspiration…

We present to you the horoscope of trees.
Trees with a meaning

Each type of tree has a special meaning for us, a concept based on the qualities and characteristics of each species. The cacao tree, for example, has been given the meaning "sweetness" because we believe that even seemingly bitter things can hide a sweet soul.

This is also how the idea for the tree horoscope came about. Each zodiac sign is assigned a species based on its astrological personality traits – helping you choose a tree to plant that suits you perfectly.

Good advice instead of visions of the future

But that's not all: the horoscope trees are a way to enter into dialogue with our community through the alter ego 'Astreeo'. We give our users a chance to talk about themselves. This is proven by the excellent comments we receive every month: for many, Astreeo has become a true companion. It’s a bond that is built beyond the usual updates regarding the tree’s project, which every horoscope tree also receives. 

In addition to these updates, anyone who plants or gives a horoscope tree receives Astreeo's horoscope for 12 months (at the beginning of each month). Horoscopes made, yes, by a lover of the subject, but instead of predictions they offer little hints and a positive outlook on life. What you get out of them is up to you. One thing is certain: even Astreeo cannot see into the future. But he can make people smile when they have done something as beautiful as planting a tree ... and in the end that is the goal.

Doing good with fun

Above all, the horoscopes are intended to be fun! But there is a second important aspect to our horoscope trees – they not only offer wisdom, they also make the planet a greener and better place.

So far, a total of 73,417 of these trees have been planted: trees that store CO2, promote biodiversity and generate income for people worldwide. That makes them a unique gift for someone special in your life – or even for yourself. 

And of all the planets that can affect our lives, we will certainly have made the one we live on a little better: Earth!

If you are curious or want to plant your own horoscope tree right now, you can do it with a few clicks. Which tree fits your zodiac sign? Find out on


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