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The Greentech Festival brings innovators in the field of sustainability together. This year its fourth edition, held in Berlin, welcomed 100 exhibitors from 20 different countries, and naturally, Treedom was there to share ideas and inspiration too.

What is Greentech Festival?

Introducing everything from technologies for vertical cultivation and start-ups operating in the recycled plastic market, to innovative devices that respond to the water crisis even in the driest areas, Greentech Festival is a meeting place for all those who look at sustainability as an opportunity to apply human creativity.

At this year’s event, the atmosphere was particularly dynamic, with delegates energised by the opportunity to meet in person and reconnect with those working on incredible initiatives all over the world. The take-home message of the festival was clear: We are not working alone.Image from iOS

Jaron Pazi, Treedom Country Manager D-A-C-H talks about how and why we grow trees around the world

The Treedom team at Greentech

Collaboration and community are extremely important to us at Treedom, and our Greentech squad  was made up of representatives from different teams within the business. Representing our small Treedom community here are Vanina, Giulia T, Jaron and Anja, who take care of collaborations with companies, while Camilla and Giulia S work with the media.

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From left, Treedom representatives at the Greentech Festival: Camilla Melosi, Giulia Stirpe, Jaron Pazi, Agnieszka Biernacka, Vanina Ricci e Giulia Tolotti

"'We are thrilled to have participated in the Greentech Festival! Our goal was to show how Treedom combines tree planting projects with an engaging digital experience. We met companies, journalists, sportsmen, artists and students: all happy to tell their story and curious to discover ours" - Jaron Pazi, Country Manager D-A-C-H.

"'I was struck by the determination of the people I met. Everyone was aware that they were making progress, but that they still had a lot to do. This is why they were so open to listening, ready to grasp every possible idea on how to do more, aware that change is only possible together" - Giulia Tolotti, Sales Manager D-A-C-H.     

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