Treedom Impact Report 2021 - in 5 points

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Treedom's Impact Report is online! These are just five of the positive ways we made an impact on the planet and on people in 2021.

The impact of Treedom in 2021

There are many companies that produce annual reports on their activities, but most focus on economic results and are addressed to a very specific audience: investors and shareholders. In the economic transition we are experiencing, however, we believe companies have a responsibility not just to their investors, but to the whole society in which they operate. This is why the Impact Report was born, a document in which the company summarises the ways it has made a positive impact on people and the environment.

1. More and more trees

In 2021, Treedom planted 1,413,227 trees, which will help absorb 365,865 tons of CO₂ in the next 10 years. The trees will grow in the 52 agroforestry projects that Treedom supports in 16 different countries: Cameroon, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, Haití, Honduras, Italy, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Nepal, Tanzania, Thailand, and Uganda


2. Endangered species

Among the species planted in 2021 Treedom has also included species classified as endangered by IUCN, the World Union for the Conservation of Nature.
  • Critically Endangered: 69 (Fraxinus pennsylvanica)
  • Endangered: 11,389 (Adansonia digitata / grandidieri - Baobab, Vitex keniensis - Quercia Meru)
  • Vulnerable: 27.531 (Swietenia macrophylla - Acajou / Caoba, Prunus africana - African cherry, Khaya senegalensis - African mahogany, Cedrela odorata - Cedar, Jacaranda mimosifolia - Jacaranda, Dalbergia monticola - Rosewood, Bignonia chrysantha - Tajibo)
  • Nearly threatened: 6.098 (Commiphora madagascariensis - Harofy, Albizia guachapele - Igua, Swietenia mahagoni - Mahogany; Tabebuia chrysea - Roble)


3. Recognition of the United Nations

In 2021 Treedom was awarded by the United Nations as "Best Small Business: Good Food for All" in their Food Systems Summit Competition. "Best Small Business: Good Food for All" identifies the best small and medium-sized businesses around the world that are transforming food systems for a better future. The competition highlighted not only the small businesses and their employees who are driving change for more sustainable, inclusive and resilient food systems, but also the ways they can be supported to grow their businesses sustainably.

image4. Treedom and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals 

Since 2012 Treedom has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact, an international network in the business sector that encourages companies from all over the world to adopt sustainable policies, to respect corporate social responsibility and to make the results of the actions undertaken public. To assess our impact on the selected objectives, we are using the SDGs Action Manager, an online platform created by integrating the B Impact Assessment of the US non-profit organisation B Lab with the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact. The close collaboration between the two international organisations has given rise to a tool capable of indicating how much a company is contributing to the achievement of a single objective compared to its potential in percentage terms.

These are the results of the impact analysis conducted in the 2021 Impact Report.

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5. B Corp - Best For The World 2021

In 2014, Treedom became a certified B Corporation, part of the global network of companies that stand out for their high environmental and social performance. Treedom obtained the B Corp certification with 122.4 points, out of a minimum of 80 to be certified. In 2021 Treedom was awarded in the Governance and Workers category.


Best For The World in the Governance Impact Area commits itself every day through exemplary governance practices, scoring 5% of all B Corps in the world.

image9The B Corps Best For The World in the area of ​​impact workers are among the 5% of companies that have achieved the highest score, thanks to the adoption of exemplary practices in favour of employees, such as ownership opportunities, flexibility of equity-based employment and hiring policies.





A message from Federico Garcea, Treedom CEO & Founder

“We look to the new year full of pride and gratitude for the goals achieved, happy to already have so many new projects, there are 52 agroforestry projects in which we plant new trees, in 16 countries. We expect to increase these numbers in 2022 and involve more and more rural communities, because the future we want to build is not only greener, but also fairer. "

See the full Impact Report

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