Treedom Explained Part 4 – How Treedom was founded

Feb 18, 2022 | written by:

Having given you an idea of our work in this series previously, we now want to tell you how it all began. Since Treedom was founded a lot has happened: like planting over 3 million trees in projects around the world. But it all started very small.

Who better to tell us about it than someone who was actually there. Let’s hear from our founder and CEO, Federico Garcea, as he looks back at the early days of Treedom:


From game to reality

Often great things start in the most mundane way, like with the browser game FarmVille. This led to the idea: if people are willing to plant trees digitally in the game, how would they feel if they helped plant real trees?

When Treedom started, it required a lot of time and patience from the founders. Over time, however, Treedom has established itself as one of the most important social enterprises in the environmental sector. In 2015, it was officially granted B-Corporation status.

Let’s Green The Planet

Federico says that you have to dream about something before it can become a reality. In Treedom’s case, that dream has come true.

At the headquarters in Florence there are now more than 80 employees and throughout Europe. But more importantly, over 900,000 people have decided to join the Treedom community, to help people all over the world and make the planet greener.

How many users does FarmVille have today?

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