Trees we love: Cashew

Jun 16, 2022 | written by:

Next in our series "Trees we love," we’re shining the spotlight on another of our favourites – the beautiful Cashew tree. 

Anacardium occidentale

There is a lot going on in the life of a cashew tree – this leafy beauty produces tiny pink flowers, colourful bell-shaped ‘apples’ and of course, the beloved cashew nuts. ​The tree itself is large and evergreen, with leathery leaves and a short, stocky trunk. Heights vary, but they can grow up to 14m tall in the right conditions, and spread themselves wide – the largest cashew tree in the world, located in Natal, Brazil, covers an area of around 7,500㎡.

Cashew trees love nothing more than the chance to soak up the sunshine. They need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day to bear fruit and thrive if they’re watered regularly, although they can also tolerate moderate droughts. Ghana’s sun (where Treedom is growing Cashew) is ideal for these trees to flourish.

Nice and nutty

The tree hails from northeastern Brazil, where the Portuguese came across the tasty cashew nuts in the mid-1500s. They transported them to India, where they were such a hit the tree was soon being grown right across Southeast Asia, and Africa. As a result, cashew nuts are now a major part of many diverse cuisines, eaten as snacks, in desserts, rice dishes and curries, while the juicy ‘apples’ are made into jams and sweets. In Goa, the juice is fermented to make a strong, alcoholic drink called feni, while in Tanzania, the apples are distilled to make gongo liquor. 

With so many possible uses, cashew nuts are sold at local markets by the communities that care for the trees, providing them with extra income. The word “cashew” derives from the Greek “kardia” (heart), so for us at Treedom, this tree stands for love.

Cashew trees from Treedom

Sustainable social and environmental impact is Treedom's core belief. But not only that: each tree is photographed and geolocated, receives a digital profile and regular updates from the project in which it grows. Treedom trees can not only be cared for themselves, but also given as gifts to friends and relatives. A gift that makes the planet greener and helps people worldwide.

Do you also want to plant a Cashew tree and help the planet? You can do it with just one click. With Treedom.

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