Trees we love: Baobab

Jun 15, 2022 | written by:


Welcome to our new series "Trees we love", where we introduce you to the core of our work at Treedom: Our trees. We take you into our world! Today we turn our attention to the mystical Baobab. 

Adansonia digitata

With their gigantic trunks and unique appearance, baobabs dominate the African savannah. "Adansonia digitata" are deciduous trees in the dry season that can reach up to 25 metres in height. With age, the trunk of a baobab grows in width, but this takes quite a while - like actually everything with these silent giants. After all, the wild-growing trees live to be an average of 400 years old. They have an excellent ability to store water and thus survive long periods of drought. Baobabs are widespread in large parts of the African continent, on Madagascar and also in Australia. 

A symbol of Africa

It is impossible to imagine African culture without baobabs. They are a symbol (as in the coat of arms of Senegal), oil and natural medicine are extracted from their fruits and - probably most important - they are a central meeting place for many village communities. The baobab is deeply anchored in people's traditions: weddings, festivals and gatherings have always taken place in its shade. But that is not all! In the context of our projects, baobabs have a very special role. They are able to store extremely large amounts of CO2, which makes them ideal for reforestation. Because of its longevity, the baobab is also called the "tree of life" and we at Treedom have also attributed the word "life" to it. 

Baobabs from Treedom

Sustainable social and environmental impact is Treedom's core belief. But not only that: each tree is photographed and geolocated, receives a digital profile and regular updates from the project in which it grows. Treedom trees can not only be cared for themselves, but also given as gifts to friends and relatives. A gift that makes the planet greener and helps people worldwide. 

Do you also want to plant a baobab and help the planet? You can do it with just one click. With Treedom.



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