Valentine's Day gifts? Yes, but sustainable

Feb 04, 2022 | written by:

54% of gift givers across Europe demand a more sustainable approach to giving over seasonal holidays such as Valentine’s Day, with 85% agreeing it’s the thought that counts, and 65% wanting their gestures to last longer than the time it takes to devour a box of chocolates. Treedom, the first online platform for gifting and planting trees remotely, reveals couples, families and friends want to show their love with more eco-friendly gifts on Valentine’s Day that have a positive social impact and represent the personal connection they have with one another.  

The European research of 8,000 consumers who celebrate the day of love in 7 countries reveals that respondents, notably in Spain, Italy and Germany, are more likely to go green this Valentine’s Day, with 59% agreeing that they want to make the most romantic day of the year as sustainable as possible in the new post-pandemic landscape. However, scepticism remains as 35% believe that buying sustainably won’t make a difference, particularly amongst Brits as nearly half (47%) are not willing to make the effort to be more sustainable during popular consumer holidays. 

Sharing the love

However, what is clear is the notable rise in celebrating Valentine’s Day with not only partners, but also friends and children. Across the region, over one third (37%) are spreading love this year by sending gifts, cards or both to their friends, and 25% are also celebrating Valentine’s Day with their children. Due to multiple government lockdowns across the world over the last two years, separating friends, family and partners, Valentine’s has become a day to celebrate all kinds of love. 

It's the thought that counts

With this new consumer mindset and desire to show appreciation for each other, 85% agree that it is important their Valentine’s Day gesture, whatever it may be, is a representation of their love, with an additional 68% saying that their gift should have longevity. Already one fifth of respondents have gifted a present that truly lasts a lifetime – a tree. It’s a gift with meaning, representing growing love as well as making a lasting positive impact on our planet.   

Federico Garcea, CEO and Founder of Treedom says: “We are pleased to see that for Valentine’s Day, not only the love for our families and friends, but also the love for trees is on the rise. With over half of respondents wanting to see a sustainable change in seasonal holidays, people are looking for alternative, planet-friendly gifts. Something simple like giving a tree is a beautiful gesture and spreads the love across the planet to the projects Treedom supported in 12 countries during the past twelve months.”

That “Grow Together” Kind of Love

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