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May 11, 2022 | written by:

We don’t just plant trees, we grow them. Trees are an important element in sustainable ecosystems and are essential for the survival of our planet. And with their diversity and complexity, they provide a habitat for animals and organisms of all kinds.

Find out how we work and join us in our 2022 Earth Day and World Environment Day campaign, during which we want to gift the planet lots of new trees. That’s why for every tree you plant between 22 April and 5 June 2022, we’ll plant another one and gift it to you after the end of the campaign*. The goal is to reach 20,000 new trees planted. 10,000 from you and 10,000 from us. What do you say, are you in? So join the campaign and plant your tree, and we’ll plant another one to match your commitment.


Without trees, there is no future. We’re well aware of this. But we sometimes forget that trees are also essential for all other living things. By planting trees, we can have a real impact on this too, thinking long term and respecting local biodiversity.

A key part of our work is that we plant species that respect the biodiversity of the areas in which we operate and that, even where they are not native to the area, have nevertheless adapted to live harmoniously with it over time.

AdobeStock_387872224This way, we ensure that our trees are beneficial to the local fauna. They become habitats for thousands of organisms, plants and animals. They are the central element of numerous ecosystems and enable multi-faceted interactions.

Trees offer food and shelter. Animals use them to rest and nest. They feed on their fruits or seeds, seek shelter under the treetops in times of extreme heat or rainfall. They rest in their shade. An entire life cycle in which the tree is at the centre.  

Agroforestry and Biodiversity

In some cases, we also recreate damaged ecosystems, such as mangrove forests, which are home to thousands of fish and small animals.

That’s what it means when we say we grow trees. We plant them, thinking about the future. For rich fauna and biodiversity in our project regions.

If you want to contribute to this with us, you can do so with just a few clicks


* the other tree that we’ll plant and gift to you may not be the same species as the one you choose to plant.

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