We grow trees and opportunities

May 04, 2022 | written by:

At Treedom, we grow trees and with them opportunities. What does this mean?

That a tree, if planted correctly and looked after properly, is the best possible investment, which will pay off over time with harvests that turn into opportunities for growth.

Find out how we work and join us in our 2022 Earth Day and World Environment Day campaign, during which we want to gift the planet lots of new trees. That’s why for every tree you plant between 22 April and 5 June 2022, we’ll plant another one and gift it to you after the end of the campaign*. The goal is to reach 20,000 new trees planted. 10,000 from you and 10,000 from us. What do you say, are you in? So join the campaign and plant your tree, and we’ll plant another one to match your commitment.


What is now a big tree, capable of hugging the sky with its branches and bearing perhaps dozens and dozens of kilos of fruit every year, was once a humble little seed.

This might seem obvious, but we tend to forget this when we think about how much a tree is worth. Because a tree is actually the closest thing to what, in other sectors, we’d call an investment.

But don’t necessarily think of it in financial terms – don’t think of an investment simply as a way to make money. Think of investment as a daily commitment to care for and respect the environment and how this can pay off in many ways. By planting the right tree in the right place and for the right purpose, the benefits a tree can generate are manifold. For the environment in which it’s located, for the planet as a whole (since it will absorb CO₂ from the atmosphere as it grows) and for the people who care for it.

IMG_3504The fruit of cocoa

We plant lots of fruit trees as part of our projects. There are well-known species, such as mango, banana, cocoa, orange, lemon, etc., and perhaps lesser-known but equally valuable species, such as neem, chicozapote, macadamia, tree-tomato, etc.

After an initial period in which trees, like all plants, need to be looked after carefully, they are capable of looking after themselves much better than other plants. For example, they’re better able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Their fruits are a guarantee of food and economic resources (where these fruits are traded with a reasonable profit). And this opens the door to further opportunities, as this money often translates into educational opportunities for so many children. And investing in education is the best way to change the future. Of a person, of a family, of a people and of the whole world.

But there are not only fruit trees, there are trees for every opportunity, place and need. There are trees that are capable of absorbing nitrogen from the atmosphere and, through certain bacteria found in their roots, fixing this element – considered one of the primary soil macronutrients – in the soil. There are trees that grow quickly and have a large canopy to protect it from strong sunlight, and others that have roots that retain the soil and prevent leaching. And these are just a few examples among many.

That’s what it means when we say WE GROW TREES. We plant them, thinking about the future. Making different and varied opportunities a reality. If you want to plant your tree with us and the people we work with, all it takes is a click!


* the other tree that we’ll plant and gift to you may not be the same species as the one you choose to plant.


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