We grow trees and sustainable ecosystems

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At Treedom we grow trees and with them sustainable ecosystems. What does this mean? That trees are an element that complements others (such as seasonal and annual crops, animals and the communities of people who live there), creating an environment in which diversity and complexity are an asset and a guarantee of long-term sustainability.

Find out how we work and join us in our 2022 Earth Day and World Environment Day campaign, during which we want to gift the planet lots of new trees. That’s why for every tree you plant between 22 April and 5 June 2022, we’ll plant another one and gift it to you after the end of the campaign. The goal is to reach 20,000 new trees planted. 10,000 from you and 10,000 from us. What do you say, are you in? So join the campaign and plant your tree, and we’ll plant another one to match your commitment.


Growing trees means carrying out projects designed to ensure that they’re taken care of throughout their lives, from the moment they’re planted and for years to come. It’s therefore a question of taking a long-term view.

Every tree in the right way.

What does this mean? It means throwing a seed in a field and saying we’ve planted a tree is not how we do things.

Our work starts with dialogue with local communities who are interested in participating in our projects. By talking to them, we start to get an idea of how many and which trees to plant, as well as how and where.

AdobeStock_316566729At this stage, we start to flesh out the project, beginning with the nurseries (often built from scratch, in collaboration with our local partners) where we grow the species we’ve chosen together with the local communities.

Once the little trees have grown to the appropriate size and the environmental conditions are right, we hand them over to the women and men involved in the project and, with them, we proceed to planting.

Our trees are planted as part of agroforestry systems. In other words, they’re planted on land normally dedicated to agriculture, with seasonal or annual crops and sometimes also livestock. Trees can fit harmoniously into this context, providing a number of valuable benefits over time.

Agroforestry Systems

You can plant trees that can grow with a large canopy and provide shade, trees that can fix nitrogen in the soil through their roots, trees that can develop an extensive root system, capable of filtering water and retaining the soil. You can plant trees whose prunings can be used to enrich the diet of animals such as goats or cows. A wide variety of trees can be planted. Including fruit trees. The important thing is to take a long-term view and to do so with the involvement of local communities from the outset.

That’s what it means when we say WE GROW TREES. We plant them, thinking about the future. Creating sustainable ecosystems.

If you want to plant your tree with us and the people we work with, all it takes is a click!


* the other tree that we’ll plant and gift to you may not be the same species as the one you choose to plant.

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