5 good reasons to become a B Corp

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Business as a force for good.

This is the mission that unites all B Corporations. B Corp certification is awarded by B Lab, a US non-profit organisation, to companies that demonstrate a positive impact on the planet and society.

Companies that become B Corporations, in short, believe in the triple P: profit, people and planet.

The aim of the movement is ambitious: to spread a more evolved business paradigm and spark positive competition - but there are many more reasons for companies to become B Corporations.

It helps you differentiate yourself in the market.

It helps you differentiate yourself in the market. 

Based on a true story: last Christmas, as I stood in the supermarket in front of the usual array of panettone cakes, I noticed that one of them had a B Corp stamp standing out on the gold paper. Guess which panettone I bought?

Your customers, especially Millennials and Gen Zers, are more likely to reward your social and environmental commitment by choosing your products over those of your competitors, even if they cost more than others.


It helps you improve year on year. 

Governance, people, community, environment and customers are the five pillars on which the B Corp certification assessment is based. It is an opportunity to assess the effectiveness of your business strategy. Choose one or more objectives to focus on, and monitor the progress of related initiatives.

B Corp certification will be a tangible recognition of your efforts to make the world a better place.

It protects you from external pressures. 

The B Corp movement originated in the United States, the home of economic liberalism.
Why? Because many CEOs were looking for a way to free themselves from investor pressures, gaining leeway to pursue other goals besides pure profit.

By becoming a B Corp, you clearly communicate to shareholders that your strategy always includes people, planet and profit.


You decide if the time is right.

The process of becoming a B Corp is quite complex. That's why it's useful to do a self-assessment of your business performance before you start down this path. You can use the B Impact Assessment free of charge to see if your company already meets the requirements for B Corporations.

If after measuring your business performance you score at least 80 out of 200 points, you can validate your score with B Lab, the certification body, and sign the B Corp Declaration of Interdependence.

Become part of a network of virtuous companies.

B Lab (the certification body) is a non-profit organisation, but the other B Corps are not! Throughout the year, you are invited to participate in events, to speak at webinars and conferences reserved for the companies that are part of the network.

Getting in touch with other virtuous companies, from all over the world and from different sectors, can become an opportunity to create strategic partnerships and synergies for your business.

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