Limited Edition and Influencer marketing, with trees! The Spray Pan story.

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Spray Pan, the best friend of all gluttons!

In Italy, Spray Pan is the most loved and well-known brand of spray cream, which has existed for more than 50 years and is a pop symbol of the colourful 90s.

Spray Pan is also a brand able to look at the challenges of the future: in this article Chiara Poggio, Marketing Manager IFFCO Italy, tells us how the collaboration with Treedom and the Limited Edition of the most iconic spray cream was born.

Treeblog - Cover - Chiara Poggio (1)How did the collaboration between Spray Pan and Treedom come about?

With the aim of sensitizing our consumers to take care of the environment, this year with Spray Pan we wanted to create a communication and influencer marketing campaign dedicated to strawberries and nature.

We wanted this communication to reflect a concrete commitment for the benefit of the planet and people, and Treedom came into play.

Together with Treedom, we planted over 600 trees in 7 different countries (Tanzania, Madagascar, Ecuador, Kenya, Cameroon, Haiti, Nepal) creating a real forest.

The Limited Edition and influencer marketing: how did it go?

We created four different graphic versions of our Spray Pan packaging, each with a different tree and strawberry motif, to celebrate the birth of our Forest. With the influencer Francesca Ferragni and her boyfriend Riccardo Nicoletti we engaged our community in a series of witty challenges to tell them about the benefits of the project.


With this project we also achieved important business goals: we confirmed our position as market leader during the most important selling point of the year, the strawberry season, increased our market share and increased our fan base on Instagram and Facebook.

We believe that an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable approach is a value for all and is fundamental to our future.

With the help of Treedom, we are committed to actively contributing to the environmental well-being of our planet and the local communities that care for trees.

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